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I’m Elle. I’m a current undergraduate student studying Veterinary Medicine with a part-time blogging career. As I had a hard time coping with the heavy loads of school works, and my anxiety problems, I struggled a lot. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing in and for my life. But then, I started blogging and learning about my strengths. I made Unpopular Opinions to at least have a safe space where I can write everything I think about the world. Now, this serves as a safe space for all individuals to share, and navigate their thoughts and feelings. Unpopular Opinions is somewhere focused on the in-betweens, the unnoticeable, the minimal details that we often to brush off, don’t encounter, or do not focus on. In here, you can find those unspeakable truths about the wonderful things in the world relating to life, happiness, spirituality, and many more. Read on, and I hope you find your stay worthwhile.

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Getting Started With Mindfulness

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