10 Characteristics of a Great Blogger

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Blogger Characteristics

I know a lot of us are striving to be the best in everything we do and especially the things we are passionate about, which makes sense because it’s how we should think, right? Regardless of whether you get paid for doing it or not.

If you love to write about comedy, poems, novels, or if you like to bake, play basketball, or even cook delicious meals, in time, you will find a way to be good at it if you want to. And as bloggers, we hope to do the same; to express ourselves more and give our readers what they expect from us.

So if you aspire to become great at blogging, here are 10 characteristics that you can develop over time, and of course, at your own pace, to make all your efforts worth it. Read on!

Likes Reading

A great blogger should also be a good reader! You will surely know a lot more at everything if you make a habit out of reading. For instance, people who often like reading at an early age develop well-expanded vocabulary. This is known by most researches as the Matthew Effect in reading. (Stanovich, 1986) as cited by the link.

Reading a lot about the stuff you want to write about is an important characteristic that will help you produce good content on your blog. You can use this hobby as an advantage by applying what you learn with what you read. Reading other people’s blogs can also help you find your way through blogging. In doing so, you will learn a lot from what other bloggers impart in this field.


Bloggers who are active in the blogging community learn from their interaction with other readers too. In a way, they also gain the support that they need when they post something. Maintaining this skill will help you get acquainted with people with a similar passion.

Additionally, when you feel pressured to write, being active can also be an alternative to take a rest from writing. Practice interacting with others and see how they’re doing. Make friends out of it if you like!


Ahhh, the ability to anticipate the future. Sounds good, right? This word doesn’t have to be as heavy as it sounds. It only means that you still have to take the time to plan and think ahead. Make sure your blog ideas never run out. List them down and keep them updated so that you won’t forget it even if it just passed by your mind.

And then, when you have time, check them out and see what you feel like writing about. Foresight also prevents you from having frequent writer’s block. Practice this idea out, and let’s see if this goes well with your blogging routine.


This will drive your motivation! If you are passionate about writing, and the things that you like to write, you will surely become the best blogger of the year. This list is pointless if you don’t care much about writing at all. Being passionate develops consistency.

If sometimes this doesn’t work, try a few things to do that can boost up your eagerness. Some examples are freestyle writing, writing exercises which could challenge you to pick up that pen and start pouring your mind, and a good rest is always helpful.

Your passion serves as your fire so never forget to always keep it burning!


This goes well with foresight because when you aim to get better, you have to start bringing your best foot forward, and gradually putting it all in the right place. A great blogger is someone who likes to keep things updated on his blog site.

Getting organized can also help in bringing a bigger picture of your life as a blogger. Having a monthly schedule is an example of being organized. In that way, you will know which days you will be writing about like lifestyle, film, etc. and you can also plan which posts are best at this time of the month. (Get my monthly blogging calendars for the whole year dropped in your emails by easily subscribing to my email list!)

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Willing To Learn

When you want to write good content, your willingness to learn is also an important part of it. As a blogger, you must understand that getting better at what you do also means discovering those things you still haven’t figured out. Inform your mind with new things and find a way to impart what you learned. Bloggers are like teachers who still study what they teach in class–you can’t come empty-handed.


You will need this, especially when you plan your blog to go up the charts. As a supporting detail to the previous one, you have to be patient with your learning process. With this, you will eventually find out that there is more outside the box–to the blogging community.

More importantly, be patient with yourself. You will come to a point where you may doubt if this is all worth it, but I’m telling you now: it will be if you want it to be!


Your blogs reflect your personality in this social medium. Make sure to establish an identity for your blog so that people will remember you. The blogosphere has many amazing bloggers, so it’s good to develop your character when you present your blogs. Great bloggers stand out, so let yourself shine in your own way.

Writing Ability

Although not all of us start great, what’s good about this quality is that it can be developed. There are many ways to improve your writing ability so don’t be discouraged! A lot of bloggers can help you write a good story or topic too! Make sure that you participate in one of those and you’ll surely find your way.

Aims to Impart

Last but definitely not the least, a great blogger aims to impart. Whatever you put on your content, make sure that the people who read it will learn from it. We write to share what we know to others.

May it be as simple as an idea or a situation you’d like to share, having people to learn from it is the best way to give back their support.

What are other things that would make a good blogger out of you? What characteristics above do you struggle with? Leave it under the comments section and let’s talk about it!

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