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10 of My Favorite Feelings

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Wow! I really love participating in these kinds of social online events and so I’m sure a lot of you would do too. This is a new tag event entitled 10 of My Favorite Feelings which aims to spread positivity throughout the blogging community during these times.

I want to sincerely thank Pooja of lifesfinewhine.com for nominating me to this Tag. She has been an amazing blogger whom I followed since my first days on WordPress. <3 Kindly check her blog out by clicking here! She blogs about beautiful stuff like travel, books, poetry, and her blogging advice are the best.

The Rules

*Tag me in the post so that I could read your beautiful answers too!
*List out 10 of your favorite feelings
*Tag other bloggers who would love to do this to spread positive fucking thoughts!

My 10 Favorite Feelings are:

Morning walks
I kind of actually miss this feeling because these past few days I have been oversleeping and I’m guilty about it. Haha. I specifically love the feeling and smell of that cold morning breeze while I walk to my 7 am class. I am fond of looking at trees while I take a walk trip because our university campus has the best view of nature–to be honest.

Eating breakfast outside
I am not a consistent morning person. Sometimes I love waking up early and having that cup of tea, and sometimes I just like sleeping more. So, I hardly ever have legit breakfasts (more like brunches) and that’s why it’s one of my favorite feelings: I don’t get to have one always.

Hanging out with my friends
I treasure all the moments of hanging out with my friends when I have the energy to do so. And I love that they understand me when I say otherwise. Despite being an introvert, it’s still one place I can be myself. With them. I appreciate all of it; getting drunk with them, fighting over the microphone because we all like to sing in the videoke machine, taking long walks on empty streets in the middle of the night, sobering up in a nearby eating place while having food trips and laughing about what went down that night. Date nights with them are always so damn memorable.

Christmas with my family
Growing up, I might say I kind of developed a boundary between me and my family. I have one of those toxic family problems but I still appreciate being with them during the holidays. I am still very thankful to have one even though it’s not all sprinkles and candy bars. We made it a yearly thing to celebrate Christmas together on my mom’s side of the family and I support her throughout.

Getting hugs
I’m fond of hugs. I’m a hugger!! But I realize it’s always me who’s hugging people and rarely them hugging me so I tend to really break (haha) when I get a hug from someone. Like simply feeling loved.

This one’s very addicting for me. I love to dance. That’s it. I love the feeling when I dance for me it’s like being free. Small dances or big dances, it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Getting high
I’m sorry if this is weird but heck, who doesn’t like weed, right? (Unpopular opinion: It’s 2020, dude.) Anyway, yes, I’m very fond of that Jah-blessed feeling because it actually changed my view on things and when I have problems I literally feel okay and calmed enough to solve them. That’s why I practice it too. It’s truthfully one of my favorite feelings because it has been beneficial to me ever since and honestly, I don’t plan on quitting soon and I think it will be one of those things that stays with me.

Cozy movie nights
Staying at home, lights out, some wine or maybe one beer and chips, and watching a movie–or better yet a movie marathon–under the blankets is totally a god tier feeling no matter who you’re with whether friends, family, or someone you love.

My friends and I have this thing called late-night roadtrips. Maybe after a hangout or some drinks, we drive around to a different nearby city to get food and while driving we would just turn up the music and everyone of us would sing along to the song. Sometimes when we have exams we do roadtrips too and study somewhere we can’t fall asleep at. I love and miss that feeling. Totally on the list, this one.

Taking long baths while listening to music
I love this so much I do this everyday. haha! I think no one can separate me from music. It has been my safe place ever since I knew it was. I like listening while taking long baths because it relaxes me more like my body and my soul are being cleansed.

My nominees are:

Vikas Karmani
Jirah Merizz
Abhin Thulasidas
Phoebe, MD:Medicine+Poetry
george agak

Despite having a list of nominees, I cannot ask you to participate if you don’t want to (so no pressure! 🙂 ) nor do I want to limit the people who would want to be a part of this so if you’re reading this and you want to share your feelings too, please do so and consider yourself tagged because I’m excited to read about yours too. <3


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  1. Thank you for the sweet shoutout and for doing the tag! I can definitely relate with all your feelings. I love road trips too especially with friends!

    1. Haha. Thank you so much for this again, Pooja! :>

    2. You’re totally welcome!

  2. I love reading your favorite feelings! Most of them are also my favorite most especially taking long baths while listening to music plus dancing before and after taking a bath! hahaha and looking at myself in the mirror! It’s weird hahah but it’s fun!

    Thank you so much for nominating me, Elle! I am excited to participate in this! 💖

    1. I’m excited to see your answers too! <3

  3. I loved seeing the things that make you happy. I super agree with Christmas with the family, long roadtrips and cozy nights! <3

    Thank you for nominating me, Elle. I appreciate it so much. 🙂

    1. No problemooo, giiirl! haha I’m excited to see yours :>

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