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10 of My Favorite Feelings

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Hi everyone! It’s great to finally do this tag the second time around! I have been tagged by Aya Agha on this awesome new tag called 10 of My Favorite Feelings. You should check her out, she loves writing a lot now go and send some love by dropping by her blog so click on here!

The Rules

*Tag me in the post so that I could read your beautiful answers too!
*List out 10 of your favorite feelings
*Tag other bloggers who would love to do this to spread positive fucking thoughts!

My 10 Favorite Feelings Are:

Cuddling with my dogs

I really love the feeling of having my dogs comfort me when they know I’m stressed or sad. A hug from them relieves my stress even if they sometimes don’t want cuddles. Haha

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I miss traveling so much, I love to do it with my family or my friends. Every new year and summer my family always plans to go travel around our country and find the most beautiful places and beaches. What I love about it too is that it’s all free! Haha! This June we were supposed to go to Cebu City, but because of Covid, it was postponed. πŸ™

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Crying out frustrations

I’m a cry baby. And sometimes it helps me ease my frustrations. The things that often frustrate me are those I have no control with. If I am able to cry it out, it helps me let go of that negative emotion that clings on to that certain frustration and eventually I become okay.

My hissy fit | Atypical 60

Laughing so hard

One of the “painful but good” feelings! It hurts my stomach but I really like having a good laugh especially with my friends when we’re hanging out. I have a very loud laugh, I’m an easy-laughing person, but I kind of like it because that means I can smile and laugh through a lot of things. <3

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Acing an exam

Who doesn’t like acing an exam right? I don’t always get to have this feeling (because our exams are difficult as hell) so when I do I pamper and spoil myself out because I know deserve it. Hahaha I practice reward system. πŸ˜€

What the Headlines Don't Say About Student Athletes

Eating sweet food

I love to eat sweet food especially as desserts after an awesome meal. It makes me and my tummy happy. But not in large amounts, though. (okay maybe more most times)

Going out with family

I study away from my family and most times I only get to return home for like after a semester or after a month or two. So I constantly miss dressing up, and going out with my family for as simple as going to the mall, watching movies at the cinema, and doing groceries.

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Falling asleep on my mother’s lap

This is a weird and past favorite feeling especially from a 22 year old but it’s genuinely one of the most wonderful feelings that comfort me. I admit even if there are times I get upset and would just like to receive comfort from my mom, I get embarrassed because I’m not a kid anymore so it’s one of the feelings I miss too.

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I love story-telling sessions mostly during the holidays with my cousins, aunties, extended family members. I love listening to them and reminiscing those memories we used to do together. Whether good or bad memories we shared, we either laugh about it or learn from it.

Strategic Story – Strategic Storyteller

Getting a new tattoo

This is also a weird feeling but I absolutely love enduring the pain and living with it. They say getting a tattoo is quite addicting, and yes believe them, because it’s absolutely true.

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I would love to know your favorite feelings too! I look forward to reading them! But if you’re not interested maybe next time, it’s totally cool! πŸ™‚

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That’s it! Stay tuned but sleep early! πŸ˜€

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