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5 Must-Haves That Will Help You With Your Blog Content

Writing your blog isn’t as simple as you think, especially when you decide to take blogging to the next level.

Blog Content

Before you publish your content, you might want to check if your credibility as a blogger isn’t too compromised. It’s always better to have a balance between speaking your mind through your blogs and actually making it reliable for people to read.

Here are 5 content essentials that may come in handy when you start to type away with your blog.


Grammarly is an automated grammar-checker that is very beneficial when you write your content. It serves as an online writing assistant available as an extension to your browser, or an app on your phone. It can correct grammar, notice misspellings, and check if your content is good enough with its plagiarism detection feature as you literally go on typing your blog.

I suggest using it as a browser extension so that every time you write something online, whether a tweet, a Facebook post, or working on your draft, Grammarly will be available to check your content.

You can create a free or premium account to unlock more features. Click on here and learn more about Grammarly.

Don’t want to download an app but still find ways to expand your vocabulary? The online thesaurus has been honestly useful for me, especially when I write long blog posts, I try to avoid using the same word twice.

This helps you express yourself to your readers as you find the right words fitted for your blog. You can bookmark this site so that it appears on your bookmarks bar at the top of your laptop screen.

Make it a habit to carefully review your word usage by having by your side.

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Sticky Notes

Yes, you call it a draft because it’s where you type your content. But you may want to organize your points first before you type anything else on that clean slate. This is what these notes are for. Accessible and easy to use.

If you get used to the manner of just carelessly pouring your words on your draft and publish it and disregarding to analyze its cohesiveness and organization, people who read your post may find it hard to understand your message. Sticky notes aid in making a formulated outline so that the things you say on your blog are straight, close-knit, and sensible.


Scribbr is an online service website you can make use of not just for your blog post, but also for an essay, article, or thesis project. But the feature that I would like to highlight is its free MLA and APA citation generator.

If you wish to properly cite your references on your blog posts, especially when you want to make your blog an educational platform, Scribbr is the most convenient site to compile your references.

Copy and paste the URL of the site you used, fill in the appropriate blanks, and the generator will translate it in an APA or MLA citation format and arranges it alphabetically. All you have to do is click to copy and paste all references as-is on your blog or your paper, then you’re good to go!

Click here to know their free and low-rate services!


Having good publicity material for your blog is also a critical part of conveying your message to everyone. It’s the first thing people look at when they see your blog, and making a good impression is an advantage.

Canva is a commonly used and well-known platform used by bloggers for making pub mats. From simple posters, logos, to compound video presentations, infographics, and brochure. Here are some pictures I edited using Canva:

Canva is a user-friendly tool you can avail for free or for premium access. Be sure to come up with a catchy title phrase that connects with your content, when you decide to use Canva. Try it by clicking here!

There you have it! 5 simple must-haves to further improve and enjoy your writing. Remember that content is more important than just having a pretty blog site, so make sure to invest in these services too.

What are your essentials when you write your blog? Let me know in the comments section below!

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