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6 Films to Watch This Pride Month

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As a commemoration of this month’s Pride celebration, I kind of want to have an entertaining yet more informational approach to help spread the view on what this month is really about.

Pride Month Films

Although, I could be saying that you should have researched about it if you want to be educated, but I think that involvement and knowledge about certain societal issues don’t always have to go with each other simultaneously.

What I mean is no pressure. We can have specific gradual steps to expand our understanding of this information. However, it is always necessary to become more aware and educated. These days, there should be no room for ignorance.

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So, I have decided to share with you guys six films you can definitely watch. Just to say, to shortly immerse ourselves into the different views, opinions, approaches, situations, and obstacles encompassing the LGBTQ+ people and movement which has been happening for such a long time. I hope you enjoy reading it!

A Secret Love (2020)

A Secret Love is an original Netflix documentary film I absolutely loved watching. This film is about two women named Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel who had been hiding their long-term romantic relationship as a secret for over 65 years.

In this film, they shared their successes as young women during the 1940s, and their underlying struggle in keeping their homosexuality with the fear of being abandoned by their own families and society.

This film has got me consistently teary-eyed over their passed yet romantic time together. This is definitely a must-watch.

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017)

This film is also a documentary film released in 2017 about one of the pioneers of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising’s controversial death–Marsha P. Johnson. Marsha is a transvestite who was one of the most influential people and self-described “drag-queen” in the gay rights movement, which also sparked the now we call Pride March.

Here, a friend and fellow activist, Victoria Cruz, further investigates the reported suicide case in 1992, which reminisced the life of the wonderful queen.

Among the movie’s critics were form entertainment weekly which said, “Death is what leads the title and drives the movie. But it’s her life – vibrant, pioneering, and much too short – that gives Marsha its flamboyant, beautiful heart.” This is the film you may want to watch, to fully understand the abuse and injustice that the LGBTQ+ community faced during those times.

I Am Michael (2015)

This is a very unique movie set in a different view and if ever you watched this or if you will, let me know! Let us have some thought-sharing about it! This movie is about a former gay activist and writer of a well-known gay magazine. Portrayed by James Franco, Michael became controversially critiqued by society. Particularly by the gay community, when he renounced his identity as being “gay”.

In this film, he initially stated that “gay and straight are a social construct” and that “being attracted to the same-sex doesn’t define who you are.” However, after having personal or rather health conflicts, left his own beliefs, and started a new life doing the opposite.

Let me know your thoughts: what did you think was the reason that drove him off a totally different course? Was he really happy in the end?

Sex Education

One of the series I fully and honestly admire. I made a blog about this original Netflix series, you can read it by clicking here. This film is best for youths who encounter the same teenage identity-revealing situations. More importantly, I love their ever-growing discoveries and realizations about themselves whilst having one another as support.

Furthermore, I believe this film is crucial for kids to let them know that they are not alone and that having to learn about their sexuality is completely normal. The assurance we long for is exquisitely right in this film.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)

A film adaptation of the book The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth. This was set during the 1990s and is about a twelve-year-old girl named Cameron. Cameron, who recently discovered her homosexuality and is still learning about herself, was caught at a disadvantage by her conservative religious aunt. Her aunt, in turn, sends her to a Christian conversion camp where she undergoes conversion therapy. There, she meets friends with the same situation.

I loved how Chloë Grace Moretz portrayed this role. She also said in an interview that it was a subject that was very close to her, because of her family, considering that conversion therapy is legitimately happening in all parts of the country which was perfectly shown as a subculture in the film.

Tomboy (2011)

I absolutely loved this film. I think that although the title used is now somewhat a derogatory term to the community, it represented the coming-of-age. The discussion of gender confusion of a ten-year-old gender non-conforming child name Laure. Laure learns about her sexuality, more importantly, her gender expression or representation.

In this French film, Laure and her family move into a new community. Laure then decided to make her known by her new friends as Mikael. The story revolved around her new discoveries as a child towards her new guy friends, and a friend named Lisa, and her sister Jeanne’s support to her little identity secret.

There you have it! six films to watch to welcome back this month’s Pride. Let me know if you’ve watched all of it, and what your thoughts were.

Amidst all other situations happening in the world right now, let us not forget that Pride is a protest, it always has and it always will be. <3

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    • Elle

      Thank you!! <3 Omg I loooovee him too Hahaha! He's such a cutie and I've also watched the film and it's good too. I love it when he speaks italian. Haha

    • Elle

      Awwee! That’s so cute haha you and your dog! <3 I think Timothee's best feature is his hair. He looks like an angel sometimes it makes me teary-eyed how angelic his face is <3 huhu

  • thewheelchairteen

    I really loved this list, I’m already a big fan of Sex Ed but I have to check out some of these other ones too. Tomboy in particular piques my interest. I especially love watching films like this since I come from a family that isn’t really very open about talking about the LGBTQIA+ community. I didn’t even know that it was possible for the same sex to fall in love until I saw the show Modern Family when I was younger. Films and TV shows like this have taught me everything that I know about this community so I always enjoy discovering and enjoying new ones, so thanks for this. 🙂

  • PoojaG

    This is a really great list! The one I’m excited to watch it Sex Education- I’ve heard so many good things about it but haven’t got the chance to see it yet.

  • Janis

    I am curious about “I Am Michael” and how James Franco played the title role, I mean him being known to be a little douchey… I want to see this one.

    • Elle

      I think he did the role pretty well!! It’s a totally different role from his other movies, I think he was very convincing in this movie. 😂😊 But you know the movie left so many questions to me. It’s a very good movie to watch, most movies are usually the coming out story but this one has a very unique plot. Would definitely recommend it! 😊💛

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