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6 Simple Ways to Show Someone You Care About Them

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Let me ask you something, are you a clingy person?

I’m a clingy one too. Most times–and to quote Ariana Grande– “I can be needy, way too damn needy.”

Some people are not emotionally driven. However, this trait, when turned into a habit, tends to develop stress when not properly managed. Are you one of those having trouble expressing themselves?

Although it isn’t difficult to show some gratitude or kindness towards other people, this matter seems to fail its way to our top 10 priority list. If you don’t know the impact of somehow showing people some care, then I’m glad you’re reading this now.

Here are 6 simple ways to show someone that you care about them:

Greet them

Greeting people is ALWAYS a good start of literally everything; a friendship, a relationship, a class, a good day, a good night, etc. It is a common courtesy everyone should maintain practicing.

Greeting back the bartender who made your coffee this morning may look like an insignificant action, but what we don’t know is maybe greeting her is one step away from making her day; maybe even influence someone’s mind to have a good one if they are having a bad day.

Say their name

This action, although seemingly a simple matter, is also an intimate action. Saying people’s names means that you are acknowledging their presence, and somehow you are giving your attention to them. If you haven’t noticed how this action works, try doing it more often.

For instance, short comments like, “Thank you, Rishika,” or “You’re welcome, Princess,” or “Congratulations, Pooja!” will probably let them feel that somehow you are giving your attention to them.

Be a good listener

Giving your attention to someone is also an act of caring for them. Practice being a good listener whenever your younger sister whines about simple things like how she doesn’t like someone from her class, or like when your best friend rants about his crush, and when your friends share secrets with each other.

Being a good listener, as a result, molds you to become a trustworthy person, and the people around you will be thankful that they have you with them.

Don’t judge but don’t tolerate either

Honesty jives with these two things. If you want to be fully honest with someone, you can’t just say anything you want without thinking about it. It is because how we use our words to others can affect our relationship with them.

Whenever your friend, unfortunately, does something foolish, remember to not arbitrate them for what they did. However, keep it honest and let them know that you do not tolerate them either.

Our pickled moments are what compels us to find people we can rely on, so whenever someone shares their troubles with you, let them know that even though they did something regretful, you still care about them.

This tells that they count on you so don’t ruin it by being dishonest. In a way, this can be really important for those who are under the situation.

Frequently Ask Questions

Lol! You didn’t see that one coming, huh? This just means that checking up on the those around you, and more importantly, making yourself available for them shows concern and interest.

Even if we are in those times when we see quotes like “we don’t always talk but know that I care about you” — keep doing it when you find the time to. Passive caring is okay, but people may forget they have someone they can talk to.


I know this can be a bit hard for some people but sharing doesn’t require a standard amount. In fact, sharing comes in all sizes– big and small! This is an act of kindness– a universal care tool.

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If you’re not used to this but have the means to do so, remember that sharing is an investment and people will share with you what they have too when you find yourself in a bit of a needful time, and to those who have fewer means but would still want to impart, do not hesitate to share what you have.

All humans are needy. Therefore, they need affection and attention– or even a tiny bit of support– or else, they wouldn’t be at their best. Humanity is a support system that needs to be nurtured every once in a while, even in small amounts.

I hope this post served its purpose to remind us that simple things matter too and that showing compassion towards each other can never be put as a bad thing.

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