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8 Unhealthy Habits To Break If You Want To Appreciate Life

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Have you ever experienced some existential contemplation at least once in your life? Especially in those moments when you are in dire need of an answer to everything.

You’re thinking of things like “what is the recipe to live a happy life,” or maybe searched on the internet some tips which may help you handle the things you find hard to overcome and make it seem as though there is an easier way to do all things in life.

The thing is people usually spend more time reading about those hints, figuring out how to take it all in with the hope of finally feeling better, but it doesn’t just go around with taking tips and applying it.

You can’t just fully depend on those easy steps if you want to understand more about appreciating your life because the solution doesn’t lie on what you don’t know– it’s in your way of looking into it. Change your game plan.

Maintaining a good and clear-view perspective of your life can suddenly turn the boat around, so instead of thinking what you can do, why not think about the habits you’re currently doing that haven’t been helpful? Ask yourself are you living it the right way or the opposite?

Because most times you are unaware that these unhelpful habits are significantly responsible for your dissatisfaction in life.

Less on the things you want and more on the things you need

The more you want, the faster you become discontented on the things you currently have. All the new shoes and the new phones seem to have some sort of expiration date that comes with it. Sooner than later, you will find that these are just mere items that feed your desire for more.

Try controlling the urge to obtain these superfluous things, and be more of a man of need. You will eventually realize that there is greater joy in purchasing an item essential to you, which holds a deeper feeling of satisfaction than any of the things you currently have but don’t need.

Avoid being ungrateful

One of the main reasons why you lack appreciation about things in your life is because you also forget to be thankful and grateful for them. A lot of us have this attitude that once we possess something, it’s so easy for us to say such words like, “Oh, you should’ve bought the other one, it’s better,” or like “I wish it was a teddy bear instead of a cake.”

This mentality is what diverts you from appreciating what’s in front of you. The next time someone does or gives something to you, simply thank them for it. Learn to be grateful for even the little things that you achieve or receive in life.

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Stop trying to please everyone

People always seem to forget that they can’t make everyone happy. You should know that you put a great amount of pressure on yourself when you go beyond and let other people’s happiness, standards, and words define what you really want and these defeat the purpose of acknowledging the things currently happening in your life.

Stop collecting rewards and good words from other people and don’t do things only because you think that what others say will make you happy in the end. Do things because you want to do them, and not because everyone says so.

Let go of the things you know is bad for you

We are not talking entirely about vices here. This is about surrounding yourself with the right people, practicing a healthy routine, and letting go of anything that can affect your way of life poorly; your thinking, actions, attitude, and view on things.

If you continue to let yourself be a part of that negative energy, it can ultimately be adapted unknowingly, from the moment you wake up every day, to how you handle things that come your way and then to how you perceive life itself.

Stop pushing yourself too hard

The more you push yourself too hard, the more you lose track of the things around you. You will likely devalue the things you’ve done whether big or small if you always think that you have to do better.

Reward yourself every time you achieve something, no matter what size. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for less, it simply means that you have to acknowledge your hardships because if you don’t, you will be the person who can never get enough.

Avoid focusing on others and start focusing on yourself

Meddling with other people’s lives has never been a good manner as it invites bad energy into your life, but this has been a custom people find hard to break.

This may seem a futile argument among other things listed here, but it has adverse impacts on how you develop a good environment in your life, such as letting your judgments get ahead of you and being distracted from the goal you focus on.

What you should know is that this bad habit doesn’t do you good, nor does it help you at all.

Don’t put up a standard you can’t maintain

This will only further demotivate you towards achieving your objective. It is better to set your milestones into smaller and easily achieved ones so that you know you are in progress.

When you set a standard too high to maintain, even if you are becoming better, you may think otherwise. And then, when you realize you’re a long way from your goal, you might invalidate every effort you did which brings you back from where you left off.

Don’t underestimate yourself

If you want to appreciate your life, learn how to appreciate yourself too, and all the things you do. Do not undermine your capabilities in achieving what you want in life because the more you downplay your game, the less motivation you give yourself.

This is one of those you find hard to avoid, but self-doubt is worse than everything listed here altogether. You can’t achieve anything at all if you still have that self-doubt. However, you can start by doing a positive mantra, and refraining from those discouraging words you always use when you find something quite difficult to surpass.

Having a full understanding of your life is a combination of discovering new things and challenging yourself to be better, which you ought to deliver delicately. Keep in mind that it is you who is in control of everything in your life and how you look at things in different perspectives always provides another way.

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  • Hilary Tan

    “Avoid focusing on others and start focusing on yourself.”

    I completely agree that it invites bad energy. I’m mostly good with the other points after years of practice, patience, and forgiveness. This however, I still struggle with. Last night for example, I started looking up people from my past. Why? Idk… boredom, insomnia, curiosity? Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. But I wasn’t satisfied… it left an empty, yucky feeling in my heart. 😖

    • Elle

      Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, It seems as though your heart still hasn’t been well, and I hope that sooner it will, Hilary!

    • Hilary Tan

      It’s hard moving on from the past, despite good intentions. Like they say, time heals all wounds, which seems to be [mostly] true. I’ve stayed off of social media for 2 years but I still get the itch to compare and despair every so often.

    • Elle

      Yes! Time heals and support too! I’ve been on a stage where I really thought I couldn’t get over it but it turns out I was wrong. Everything changes even our feelings and it’s always the thing I say to myself. There was this one time for almost 2 years I was still moving on but then the more I spend time for myself the way I feel just slightly changes and it’s still a good progress. You’re doing okay! <3

  • PoojaG

    I’m really working on not being a people pleaser. I definitely appreciate everyone in my life but I also find some people toxic and it’s just not worth it for me to help them anymore.

    • Elle

      I agree I have toxic people in my life too, unfortunately in my family, and it’s very hard to avoid them but I just try my best to not waste my energy on them anymore 😅☺️ Thanks for sharing!

  • Natalie Barletta

    These are great tips and stuff that I’m working on. I’m trying to practice more gratitude and trying to not please everyone. It’s hard but I know it’s important in my life to practice balance.

    • Elle

      I’m so glad you found this post helpful! 😊 I feel you, it’s hard and I also still have some working to do but we’re on our way. Cheers!

  • Brooke

    All great tips. I am really bad at pushing myself too hard personally. It can be a good thing sometimes, but mostly it just causes stress.

    • Elle

      I agree with you! We get tired more than we get motivated and I think the pushing has to go with some sort of helping yourself too not just exhausting yourself and what you can do. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Brooke! Have a great week ahead! 😊

  • Michelle

    These are great tips, thank you! I think the most important thing that you mention is to stop comparing yourself to other people – we’re not all on the same journey. Also, one shouldn’t care what other people think anyway.

    Sending good vibes all the way from South Africa, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

    • Elle

      I absolutely agree with you! Sometimes I compare myself to others too especially with my classmates who graduated college before me, it sucks but I know I’m still on this journey for a reason!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts, have a great day! ☺️💕

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