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Hi there!

I’m Elle, and this is my newly self-hosted blog website.

Unpopular Opinions is one of my biggest milestones this 2020 and I could never thank you, my readers, and fellow bloggers, enough for the support and positive learning we continuously enforce in this blogging community.

Although this site heeds to help and possibly motivate people in whatever aspect they wish to pursue–whether, in life, happiness, blogging career, writing, their personal journey– the posts contained in this blog may not constantly be error-proof and may suggest further research and take precautionary measures when you decide to rely on it. The content of this website remains only for either entertainment or information purposes and should not be seen as professional advice.

As the founder and author of this site, I am not a licensed professional, or adviser, or any kind of specially-trained expert, therefore I suggest that you take second opinions, do researches and studies, if you must, before considering my content reliable and useful.

Furthermore, Unpopular Opinions cannot be held responsible for any kind of direct or indirect damage, issue, and/or harm as a repercussion of the use or reliance on this website.

As a full-time financially challenged student, I have achieved at bringing this site to a whole other level to further let the readers enjoy their stay, and make this much reliable for them, in the hope that this website will somehow profit from it. Therefore, Unpopular Opinions have established partnerships and applied to affiliate programs solely for financial support. This can be seen by some advertisements you see on this website.

However, Unpopular Opinions denies the responsibility of any failures or issues caused by these advertisements or any content served by third-party platforms once you decide to click on them and purchase anything from their site. I suggest that you review their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages before you engage in any activity on their websites.

The posts and pages may contain affiliate links, which means our website receives small compensation or commission when our readers make purchases through clicking these certain links at no additional cost to them. If you use these links to buy something, the funds collected helps pay the fees to keep this site up and running, so Unpopular Opinions thanks you in advance!

Additionally, the advertisements and features that may show up on this website are simply endorsed as something we believe to hopefully benefit our readers, as Unpopular Opinions only supports products that are used firs-hand and are of value to me and this website. To simply put it, I wouldn’t recommend products that I haven’t found useful, irrelevant, and not of use to website.

These affiliate partnerships do not– in any way– affect this website’s content and integrity, and in the same way that the opinions published on this site are purely my own, and do not reflect the views and opinions of other companies this website is affiliated with.

This website, other than images with affiliated links, also contain advertisements run by Google Adsense, as another way to generate small income. Rest assured that the advertisements you see are not ads spam and that clicking those ads are completely safe and run by Google.

Lastly, Unpopular Opinions reserves the right of full ownership; to edit, move, or remove any content of this website without prior notice (if deemed necessary) to its readers. Unpopular Opinions claims as rightful owners of all the content posted on this blog otherwise stated. The images featured on this blog’s content are either properly cited and readily available on the internet, or under the ownership of Unpopular Opinions.

Edited featured images are mostly from Canva.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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