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Have a Good Trip: A Netflix Film Review

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A review about an original netflix documentary film entitled “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics”

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Another, yet very unique documentary from Netflix has captured my weird taste in watching and I want to talk about it!

Have a Good Trip is a perfect documentary for de-stigmatizing the people’s standpoint on hallucinogens by reaching into their lives in both educational and entertaining ways.

The film’s director Donick Cary has made an exceptional move into bringing different artists (musicians, actors, artists, comedians) together over the years and telling their first and unforgettable acid trips.

Some highlights include Carrie Fisher saying how LSD affected her lifestyle from how she handled her career as an actress, to the way she designs her home. Anthony Bourdain and his trippy adventure with friends that includes a side mishap story, and some musicians like Bill Kreutzmann, Sting, and many other artists.

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A truly psychedelic trip once you start the show. This film also presented the history of LSD–along with its similar drugs–the exaggerating stories and news surrounding the use of these hallucinogens and the reason why people still choose to use them as of today.

Explaining the scientific sense of the mind-revealing drug, Deepak Chopra also shared how the spiritual involvement of hallucinogens could affect one’s life and view of reality.

This film has established a perfect combination of the pros and cons of some famous hallucinogens like LSD, DMT, Peyote, and Shrooms, which are shown into amusing segments of the documentary such as the After-School Specials portraying the possible Bad trips when using these drugs, animated story-telling segments, some hilarious reenactments by other artists including Adam DeVine, and witty tip-giving sections entitled The More You Trip.

What I liked most about this film is that the use and study of psychedelics never stopped and more people are now opening their minds into what could be a start of a new generation where people with health problems find comfort–and more importantly answers–with these kinds of drugs and appreciating what it gives to them. At the same time, being responsible enough with their actions once they start to take.

There really is no such thing as a good or bad drug, it is about being responsible enough to know what you’re getting into and what you’re taking in to your body.

Watch it now and let me know your thoughts! Like, Comment and Reblog!

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