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Unpopular Opinions is so excited to work with you! There are a lot of good writers and bloggers that we can learn a lot from, and I'm so thrilled to be a part of a meaningful writing connection with you! x

We value any form of collaborations with other amazing writers and bloggers like you. We believe that in order to sustain an engaging and healthy writing community, it is our duty to cultivate meaningful connections with you through writing and supporting each others' passions. We offer different topics we love to write about and some guest post ideas too. Happy writing!
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LIfe and happiness

Here in my blog, I love to write anything about life and happiness. Some are about well-being, self-care tips, and may vary from relationship-related, family, self-development, growth, mental health, fitness, mindset, and posts about positivity. 

Life and Happiness


Mindfulness is a closely familiar topic for me. I have been practicing it for almost a year and I love write about it. I also love to have posts about spirituality and similar activities relating to it. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness principles, Buddhism, and a lot more applicable concepts!

Blogging & entertainment

Let’s talk about what’s the latest news! I love posting movie reviews and other relevant to my niche like the latest trend for happy people, fitness, healthy lifestyle, etc. We can also collaborate on some blogging-related posts such as tips, social media, content creation and many more.

Blogging Basics

Guest post guidelines


Content length must be between 1,500 to 2,000 words, with H2/H3 headings well distributed. SEO Optimized Keyword in Title. You can send optimized images for the post.


If possible, please check for grammatical errors, redundancy of words, and other typographical errors.


You may provide an author and website background for the readers, your social media links, website URL and a nice picture. You can also opt in being one of my website's author or contributor! 🙂


Content must be your original work and within the niche. Avoid plagiarism in case you researched on your chosen topic. Content must never be duplicated and/or posted elsewhere.


Include at least three (3) external links (may be used as sources) and one (1) internal backlink to your website.


You may also share the article on your social media accounts once it has been published. You can also comment and engage in your article on my social media posts. Let's share your work together!

  1. Unpopular opinions reserves the right to edit, add, and/or delete any information (if need be) from posts that we publish on our website. By submitting your content, you agree with the terms stated. We have the right to decline a submission if the content does not entirely reflect what our website represents or if any circumstance occur for any reason thereof.

We help you reach your full potential as a content creator

These are all free collaborations and we can also write for you and offer the same quality content in return. We will make sure that your content is read by various bloggers and shared in all our social media platforms; Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and our Facebook Page. Unpopular Opinions will help you grow and connect with people in the blogging community. Your outputs are important for they reflect you as a person and a writer. You are free to write and share your own thoughts, experiences, and knowledge in this safe space. 

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