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How to Overcome Difficulties in Life: A Collaboration

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This is my first ever collaboration post with two amazing bloggers I have known for quite a while now– the first of the many that I look forward to. This wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the initiative and help of Rishika of TheEtherealUnicorn and Kim of Kim’sMagic. Rishika and Kim are both great writers of poems and remarkable stories, please do check their blog by clicking on their links. We hope you enjoy reading this! The italicized parts in the middle are mine and the first and last parts are Rishika’s and Kim’s respectively.

When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade.

Life is like a box of chocolates, if you grab a bite before it melts, it’s sweet.

Life is like a box of chocolates, it doesn’t last long, but it’s sweet.

As humans who make mistakes and tend to learn from them, we are often opposed by different hardships that we refer to as “difficult”. But are they really difficult? Are they really something worth crying over? Are they real reason enough to give up? We fight..often..with courage..but do we fight until the end?

They say “be positive”. But then again, how can you be positive when faced by an actually challenging hardship? We won’t really know, not until we face them! But here are a few tips that can help you:

  1. Ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?”- 

Kenneth Wapnick once said, “Ask yourself, ‘what are you reacting to’, every minute of every day your peace is disturbed.”

Too often, we find ourselves in the middle of a senseless fight. We act impulsively. We make decisions in a hurry. The key is to relax in the middle of chaos. Think. Think about what you are doing. Don’t build yourself a chimera. Just relax and think about what you actually want to do. You will be amused by the results!

  1. Jot down points-

Sometimes, when we think, a LOT of things fill our mind. Focusing on all of them at once will bring you nothing. Sit with a pen and paper. Write down all the things that come to your mind. Everything. They probably won’t come all at once but keep jotting them down as they do. Then evaluate each point you have written.

  1. Think “This too shall pass”-

Everything happens for a reason. The minute you understand this concept, you will find yourself dealing with situations in a MUCH better way! And sometimes, bad is good! Sometimes bad isn’t bad at all! You never know, it might lead to something brilliant!

Challenges are inevitable. These are what make us stronger each time we surpass and learn from it. When we achieve something, we feel a certain kind of fulfillment which is not solely because we have finished what we needed to do but because we have overcome the challenges we encountered too.

It makes us cherish those moments even more. But how can we really overcome difficulties in our life?

  1. Think of it as a bump on a road rather than a dead end.

We always think that if we experience difficulties, it’s game over, well, it’s not. There are so many ways we can finish the game. If we set in our mind that it is something surmountable, this will help us look for reasons to keep going.

  1. Every success has underlying hardships.

It goes together like peanut butter and jelly. We must be prepared and understand that this goes hand in hand. Every time we think of succeeding through it, we also should think about succeeding through it all. In that way, we can anticipate every action that we do and every circumstance we may stumble upon towards our success. If you look at it in a different view, anticipating your challenges in life prevents your motivation or determination from being spoiled towards success.

  1. We can always learn something from it.

This matter is very important because not only do challenges make us stronger, but they also make us wiser. There is no such thing as a dumb mistake, because every mistake we do, we get some wisdom out of it. Learn from our mistakes so that next time we don’t commit the same mistake twice.

  1. The Under Thinking Problem

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton

This is the third law of motion, but it also has a deeper, implicit meaning concealed within it. 

Did you do something you never thought would have such a disastrous effect? You didn’t think of the impact your words or actions could have, did you? Hmm, I think you have an under thinking problem.

Unlike many people who are overthinkers, you have an under thinking problem: you don’t realize what might happen as a result of your actions (you don’t think enough). This seems very common, but most of us will just read this and move on with our day. We won’t even think of the effect it would have.

How about the next time you say or do something, think of the result it could have. Is it really necessary? Is it going to make a difference? Is it going to have a positive or negative effect? Will it affect someone greatly, whom you didn’t even think of? Just think of this before you do it. Even tiny actions and gestures play their part in the cycle. So next time, just paint yourself a picture of what you want the future to be. Let your actions be the brush, your life the canvas, and your thoughts the paint.

  1. Those little things that matter

Would you want to be that person who everyone wants to be with? To do that, you have to know what matters to each and every individual you want to be with. Every person has that little something that matters to them and if you take the tiny decency to do as they please or try, it makes a big difference.

You should always observe closely the people you meet. You look at his/her face and examine their expression. You see if they are having a good or a bad day and try to make it better accordingly. This isn’t a lesson that life will teach you.

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If you are capable enough, you will learn it yourself. In fact, this can make you stand on the top and teach life what it’s all about. I’m telling you to pay attention to those little details in life, realize what matters to the person in front of you, and make it a priority to do as you observe. Wouldn’t everyone love a person who knows what you need when you need it?

  1. Are you taking advantage?

Have you ever taken advantage of something? Then you know how it feels when it’s gone? If you take advantage of the comfort you get, the caring people around you, or anything for that matter, then you should take the test and try going as long as you can without it. Like, if I love my phone so much and feel addicted to it, I’ll try to go as long as I can without it and see how long I last.

Let’s see how long you’ll last! Maybe you’ll learn it’s value! You’ll also realize how you’ve been taking its advantage! This will help you self heal and learn to appreciate, which is the keyword here. Appreciation is key.

  1. Title

Well, well, well, I see you have been doing the same repetitive thing over and over again. There are many times and many of us who frequently have a repetitive routine or something recurring. Yes, it gets frustrating. I’m not saying that it gets frustrating to the breaking point where you’re slamming your head into a door. It could just be a little frustration that you ignore and bottle up in your mind, till it’s full one day and ready to explode. That won’t be pretty.

So to ensure your jar doesn’t explode, do something different. If I sit in the same office every day and do the same work, I cannot change my location, but I can change its appearance. All I’m saying is, a little change is good.

Thank you for reading, guys!

I absolutely loved working with them, and I hope that I get to do it once again. 🙂

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