Mindfulness Practice Journal

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MPJ Entry # 1

Hi guys, I hope you are all well. These past few days, I have been busy and my mind has been clouded with thoughts about my studies. I have a lot in my mind again. I woke up with a really heavy feeling and my head aching. Being disoriented; the feeling of needing to do something but you don’t really know what to do or where to start. It’s as if my brain is exhausted and the discomfort goes all the way from my head to my neck and forehead. You know I think: can you really empty your mind? Like just void. Not thinking about anything. I’m afraid my mind is incapable of doing it. And this is why mindfulness practice helps. You see, it’s about letting your thoughts flow like waves–large waves. It’s not about stopping your thoughts, it’s focusing your mind in one particular thing–your presence. So, I thought about writing a journal and share with you guys how mindfulness meditation helped me today. This is to assess myself, to monitor my improvements, and hopefully, to help you guys if ever you’ve been experiencing the same thing.

I’m feeling quite pressured lately into completing my requirements, I stayed up ’til 4 am doing research and I feel like my paraphrasing skills are on a different level. Initially I woke up, thinking about a particular course I’m currently taking this semester (Veterinary Microbiology) and how my professor stresses me out for giving a bunchload of tasks. I thought she was being inconsiderate given the situation, it felt unfair for me. Anyway, so I decided to sit and meditate and seek out that certain emotion floating in the sea of thoughts deep inside my head and concluded that I am hugely irritated ever since I woke up with the problem. Then realized I am pressuring myself for nothing–that it’s just my brain overthinking and overreacting–because, actually, I have all the time given to me. And although yes, she’s being so strict, I shouldn’t let it get me because I hold my time and I can use it as an advantage to make a way so that I can juggle all the tasks and still finish in time.

Below is a video from youtube that I used during my mindfulness practice today and this helped me let go of that irritation, and along with it, the physical feelings that have been manifesting through me.

Here are some steps that may help you out:

  1. Take time to internalize all the things you have been feeling since you woke up this morning
  2. Find that one or those emotions that served as the reason for your physical feelings or manifestation.
  3. When you start the meditation, imagine putting it all in a balloon and letting that balloon go.
  4. Then bring back your mind to what you’re doing–what the video tells you to do.
  5. When you find yourself losing to another thought again, make another balloon and let it go again, and gently bring yourself back to the present.

Legend: (It will be helpful if you note them down too!)

I hope this short exercise helped you today in case we’re on the same boat. Let me know your thoughts and if this works out for you. <3


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