Self-assessment: Crucial in everyday life

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Every human has infinite chances to become better versions of themselves. Every day, we learn, we cope, we figure out life and hope that the rest of us do the same deal too– to believe in the sole idea of doing things for the betterment. The question is: How exactly do we become better versions of us?

It is my unpopular opinion to say that there are two things that humans should focus on in order to answer the question. In and Out. Our body is what connects our minds to the outside world. I believe that these two things are co-dependent with each other.

A person must initially look inside and attract energy for self-assessment. In that way, our focus will be easily fixed in our minds and body. Step two is to perpetuate and transform that energy around us.

Then and only then can we say that we can now achieve the word “better”. Now we think that the first step is easy but in reality, it is quite difficult to sustain that type of vitality.

Self-reflections do not happen in a day. What we do, how we do things, is built by, and is greatly influenced by our emotional stability. Imagine that a certain action of an individual is like a building– a tower.

Each action that we do is equivalent to a tower that we have built. A building’s foundation– its metals, cement, and glass– represent the variation of sentiments or feelings that serve as reasons on how we were able to build that action.

There is a deeper connection between our means and our ends or why we do what we do; why we execute an action. Looking further into our own acts and asking ourselves that question of Why?

There could be a lot of reasons that our mind might possibly tell us. Self-assessment is not just a simple answer. It’s the whole equation. It is retracing the steps of how we have built that tower and find out what seems to be the reason. Had you done something wrong, and why were you able to do it.

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Self-assessment is indulging in our own self-awareness, or as if we are looking into a mirror. Why did you do it? Were you angry? or were you just overwhelmed? In that case, why do you think were you overwhelmed? Looking into that mirror summons a great deal of honesty.

And during these days, people forget to be honest with themselves. That is why we commit small mistakes; because we forget about our mirrors. That is why we have not attained the word “better” consistently yet.

People ought to do better than commit small flaws it is almost insignificant but because we do not self-assess regularly, we exhibit toxic traits that our subconscious tells us it is bad, but then it slips on our minds and then we do it anyway.

Self-assessment is like cleaning toxic traits and bad energy which makes a person feel unhappiness or even a sense of defeat in life. Maintaining it is equivalent to redoing a mistake.

It is almost like not doing that mistake at all. Once we achieve that sense of learning, of being aware of our actions and reasons, we can practice it the next time until we can finally be the better versions of ourselves.

Take a good sit in your front yard, close your eyes, and feel all the things you have been feeling these past few days. Let it all inside your head.

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