Self Check-In

Self Check-In: How Are You?

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As an entry of participation in Megan’s Simple Gratitude Exercise, which I loved reading, by the way, I decided to do a blog about it.

Hi guys, how are you?

I have always been the type to intentionally ask people how they are, simply because I genuinely want to know how they are. But, indeed, I do agree that this question is oftentimes asked in an automatic manner– a simple greeting– rather than an actual question.

If we are unintentionally saying this to others, it means that we also forget its meaning to us, and that is, to check-in and see how we’re doing right now. Megan of Cathedral Grove’s blog encouraged me to do this exercise. While I was reading through her post, I’ve realized I haven’t had the time to ask myself how I’m doing.

I’m currently typing this on a late Sunday morning, post-meditation, and weekly reflection routine.

  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Make sure you have something to write on or a pencil (or a blank post document like what I’m doing right now).
  3. Ask yourself how you are doing.
  4. Think about what you’re grateful for.
  5. List at least 10 things you are grateful for.

I’m doing fine, honestly. I have managed to stay positive throughout this week. And that is one thing I’m grateful for. I haven’t had constant weeks without worrying, about both simple and complex things, but fortunately, this week has been well.

I’ve figured having to do something each day is what keeps me focused, or should I say, preoccupied. And honestly, blogging is a big part of it. Also, I read ebooks and articles that I find interesting.

I watch movies on Netflix– mostly funny ones because I try to avoid those things that might easily spark anxiety. I have learned to be very careful about the things I commit to and demand.

I decided to self-study about Buddhism, read mindfulness books, or other stuff when I have the time. It helps me feel in control of the things I do and how I live each day.

As you may know, I’m an overthinker. I always find my thoughts rambling quickly like speed cars in highways– coming in fast and a lot. But nowadays, spend a lot of time contemplating, regularly practicing how to be mindful in my everyday routine, and self-assessing my thoughts and actions. Doing this helped my mind slow down.

And so I guess, I am doing fine.

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I’m grateful for this moment when I finally decided to check-in with myself. I’m grateful that I read Megan’s post (you should try this too). For this week’s food, for having to go outside for a while (I helped my mom do groceries), for my family and our constant long-distance communication (although they might not read this, if they do, I want them to know).

I’m grateful for my dogs– I love them so much. I’m grateful for waking up each day and managing to stick to my routine, even if sometimes I find it hard to do so.

I’m so grateful for this blog, for my co-bloggers, for my friends who believe in me and my writing (you know who you are), and I’m grateful for you reading this post right now and taking the time to see the things I write about.

Hey people, always remember, there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Even on those moments when you can’t seem to see the good side of everything.

As Megan said, “We each have an inner world, populated by a host of emotions both mixed and messy.” Be sure to acknowledge its existence once in a while.

Have you asked yourself how you’re doing? If not, I hope you also take the time to reflect and check on yourself.

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  • Jirah Merizz

    Thank you so much for this post, Elle! To answer your question, I am also doing fine but I’m physically tired because we’ve been renovating our home. I’m doing a lot of things to keep me busy and I think it really helps ease my anxiety this quarantine.

    • Elle

      Wow, renovating is a good way for family bonding too! I hope that even if you’re physically tired, you are happy at the moment. You can always take extra sleep and relax to rest your body ☺️ I know riggghht, doing things suppresses anxiety, which is good too! I hope you’re well! Wag lalabas bahay kasi huhu dito samin malapit meron may sakit. 😕 Take care always, and I’m so glad you are doing fine! ☺️❤

    • Jirah Merizz

      Yes yes! I’m totally good. 🙂 Sa totoo lang, nakakatakot na talaga lumabas. Nakaka-stress pa kasi ang dami kong nakikitang lumalabas ng bahay, parang walang pandemic eh. 🙁

      Hala, ingat ka palagi!!

    • Elle

      Yes, parang nagiging complacent din kasi yung iba huhu lalo na government officials are not consistent. Doble ingat dapat lagi even if walang positive sa malapit sa inyo. 🙁 Take care too, Jirah! <3

    • Elle

      Thank you, Rishika! I am doing fine, I am managing to sleep early every night, which helps me wake up early in the morning and do my routine. ☺️ How are you? 😊

    • Elle

      I hope you are physically well too! Don’t get sick! 🙂 Good luck on your school tomorrow, sending you hugs <3

    • Elle

      I’m currently doing fine! I’m a bit hungry, I still haven’t eaten dinner, so maybe I’ll eat. I’m glad you are doing fine! Remember to drink water and stay safe, okay? 🙂 Sending you hugs. <3

    • chasingthemaximumlife

      Happy to know that☺️. Ohh even I haven’t eaten my dinner yet however there’s still time. I eat around 9.30 . Yess dear you too stay safe ☺️🎀. Sending you big hugs too♥️

  • Megan L. Ramirez

    Elle, thank you so very much for sharing this. I’m so honored that you found my self check-in worthwhile and worth sharing with others. It really made me smile reading about the things you’re grateful for right now, and reading what everyone else has said! Sending hugs. 🙂

    • Elle

      I’m glad I did this too, actually. It feels good! <3 And yes, it was really worthwhile. I'm happy this made you smile! <3 Hihi thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope you have a wonderful day, Megan. :)

    • Elle

      Helloooo! Thank you so much, I have been putting a lot of effort to it and I know I still have some tweaking to do but this message made my day! ☺️🥰💚 Thanks for appreciating my blog. 🤗🤗

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