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    Self Check-In: How Are You?

    As an entry of participation in Megan’s Simple Gratitude Exercise, which I loved reading, by the way, I decided to do a blog about it. Hi guys, how are you? I have always been the type to intentionally ask people how they are, simply because I genuinely want to know how they are. But, indeed, I do agree that this question is oftentimes asked in an automatic manner– a simple greeting– rather than an actual question. If we are unintentionally saying this to others, it means that we also forget its meaning to us, and that is, to check-in and see how we’re doing right now. Megan of Cathedral Grove’s…

  • Unpopular Opinions

    The Reason Why

    Okay, how about stating my reason(s) from my previous post some of you seemed to agree with. I’ve never written anything about love since I got back here on wordpress. It’s very new of me because a few years back I swear I could have a lot of topics to talk about with love. That’s how much I thought of it. If my 18-year-old self was to make a wordpress account I think it would be filled with quotes, rants, insights and even poems about romance and love. But I guess I’m not the same as I was before. When I recovered my account, I asked myself what I wanted…

  • Self-assessment

    Self-assessment: Crucial in everyday life

    Every human has infinite chances to become better versions of themselves. Every day, we learn, we cope, we figure out life and hope that the rest of us do the same deal too– to believe in the sole idea of doing things for the betterment. The question is: How exactly do we become better versions of us? It is my unpopular opinion to say that there are two things that humans should focus on in order to answer the question. In and Out. Our body is what connects our minds to the outside world. I believe that these two things are co-dependent with each other.