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The Best and Worst of Charlie’s Angels (2019): Film Review

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Charlie's Angels

The past comes back to reminisce with us as we go over a classic comedy action movie that has been famous since the year 2000 and has made a lot of people laugh with its punchlines and gasp in surprise with its action-filled fight scenes.

Charlie’s Angels 2019 was said to be a reboot film of Charlie’s Angels (2000) and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003), both produced and directed by Elizabeth Banks who was also part of the cast as Rebecca, and was told in the film as the first Angel to be promoted to Bosley. The three main characters were strongly portrayed by Kristen Stewart (Sabina), Ella Balinska (Jane), and actress Naomi Scott (Elena) together with actors Patrick Stewart, Djimon Hounsou, and Sam Claflin.

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The Townsend Agency has gone international with the help of John Bosley (Patrick Stewart), who is quite ready to retire from his position, following the career break-through of engineer Elena (Naomi Scott) after developing an electromagnetic power device which turns out to be dangerous. As Elena decides to put the matter into Townsend’s hands, an unfortunate sabotage mission takes place. Elena meets two agents, Jane and Sabina, and goes through their plan with the help of Bosley (Elizabeth Banks). The plot continues to a series of actions and revelations concerning Townsend’s agents, all while building together a bond they never imagine happening.

Although the movie was not a hit in theaters in November last year, it ranked in the Top 10 on Netflix PH earlier this month. Proceeding to the film’s critique, many of the viewers expressed strong feelings of dissatisfaction with what the movie came out to be, rendering it boring and convoluted. While some still showed appreciation for the modern remake. So, without much ado, let’s take a look at some good and bad points of the 2019 film Charlie’s Angels.

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The Bad Side

You can’t help but compare

When you compare the remake with its two preceding movies, you will see some setbacks, especially when it comes to the genuine connection that Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz have established with Charlie in their films.

While in the 2019 film, the only scene of them talking to Charlie was in the end, which was very much disappointing. Although some may think that this was a disadvantage of the film’s plot as Charlie’s agency expanded and a lot of new angels were recruited, I wish it could have retained some other way.

Additionally, the character identity and the wit that the former angels have instilled to viewers weren’t very much adapted to the new film. The comedy in action-comedy was far left out, and even when there was a hint of humor, the punches were a huge flop, and the jokes were just plain confusing.

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Plot and scene technicalities

The reason why the movie was reviewed as dull was that everything was quite anticipated and mundane, from the personality of the characters to supposedly “unexpected” outcomes, there wasn’t much left to grab on until the end.

The whole movie played out fast per scene while nothing significant was happening, not until the very end. Furthermore, moving action scenes were quite unsatisfactory, especially the two car-chase scenes, considering that more wide shots would have justified the thrills of the movie and less on the unnecessary close-up views of Elena’s scared face.

There were also a lot of loopholes and unexplained parts as the movie continues. It seemed that the makers showed too much of the message about feminism and missed out on polishing the plot itself. It would have been good if there was a balance of every element in the film.

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The Good Parts

Despite some technicalities, sentiments of the movie left quite a handful of good impressions to the viewers, the first one as still having respect for the previous films. Although the edited photo of Bosley would need much of an improvement, the film did a good job connecting the plot from the two previous ones to the modern-day timeline, which further validates how this movie turned out differently.

There were a few elements omitted about the past ones (as mentioned above), but some were still uniquely shown like the all-time explosion jump shots by the Angels, the mysterious identity of Hodak representing The Thin Man, and some powerful dance moves.

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Stronger message

The film exquisitely pointed out the discrimination, bias, and frustrations that women in their work environment encounter. Yes, it was a bit too much but it’s better than a film showing the exact opposite. The essence of teamwork was also greatly exemplified in the movie, which adheres to what Angels are supposed to have most importantly.

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Close combat scenes, chemistry, and add-ons

The close combat scenes are very much impressive, which, when compared, are better and more realistic than the first two films. Elena impressively demonstrated some courage and a bit of her Krav Maga skills, Jane’s fight scenes were very competent, and Sabina ultimately showed her badass side with some extra quirk along the way.

The use of guns was also a good idea considering that it was more practical than martial arts alone. Some reviews disapprove of Kristen’s acting, but it was appropriately necessary and a good thing that she gets to be confident with her role in this movie. Sabina was one of those who had a flavor in character, which the movie lacked.

Furthermore, a non-angel twist as one of the main characters in the movie Furthermore, a non-angel twist as one of the main characters in the movie was definitely entertaining and unique in comparison with the formed trio stories presented before.

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Final Thoughts

I would still recommend that you watch Charlie’s Angels (2019) if you are still intrigued by how this movie went down. It is available on Netflix, so you can watch it conveniently.

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

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