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Okay, how about stating my reason(s) from my previous post some of you seemed to agree with.

I’ve never written anything about love since I got back here on wordpress. It’s very new of me because a few years back I swear I could have a lot of topics to talk about with love. That’s how much I thought of it. If my 18-year-old self was to make a wordpress account I think it would be filled with quotes, rants, insights and even poems about romance and love. But I guess I’m not the same as I was before. When I recovered my account, I asked myself what I wanted to write about, and I admit that the thought of writing something romantic crossed my mind but then I literally can’t think of what to write and I thought, “Okayy… This is new..” I don’t even know the reason why.

If this bursts your bubble, you may stop reading here.

So here it is. I’m writing something about “Why I Can’t Think of Something to Write About Romance” and I guess there are a lot of reasons. The possible explanations I’ve been having in my mind are maybe:

(1) I just realized that not everything around this world is about romance. Sometimes it’s also about caring, being a friend, having fulfilled being alone and not feeling lonely, coping, having fun. Or
(2) maybe when I was younger I just overly romanticized things without knowing it because I was a kid. Or unfortunately,
(3) I have lost the ability to feel the romantic feeling which is kind of sad for me, I know.

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(4) Maybe romantic love is overrated. Maybe it’s because romance is something you can actually live without. The things we knew before felt sentimental and idealistic but today some of it just sounds childish, or immature or even toxic (for some people). Most people are proclaiming that self love is more important nowadays. The things we knew then are changing now. I personally think you can actually have a good relationship without being too overly romantic with your partner. Other things humans feel can be passion, friendship, uncommitted love, practical love, self love, caring, compatibility, comfort, thankfulness, etc. which we only misinterpret as romance.

The very essence of romance is uncertainty

Oscar Wilde

Let’s try and look at it this way: You can still have the best sex of your life even if it’s not romantic. You can go to non-romantic dates and still feel cheesy with your date. Cinderella is outdated. This is the very reason why we love RomComs more than The Twilight Saga. We have become fond of feeling love as less serious and intense. The reason why Fifty Shades Darker was instantly better than Fifty Shades Freed when Anastasia Steele fucked it up because she got pregnant and when the story ended in a romantic happily ever after just like “how all of it’s supposed to be.” The very main reason why Friends is better than How I Met Your Mother was because they all ruined it in the end trying to force Robin and Ted together.

They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever

oscar wilde

The reason why we drooled over Mr. Darcy was not because he was romantic. Mr. Darcy was not romantic. He had a dominant attribute that most of us found sexy and appealing. The reason why Netflix’s The Half of It is the new bomb. (Y’all should watch it!) We loved and appreciated those movies because they weren’t purely romantic. And that’s okay. You can still love someone even if you think you’re not the romantic type and that’s okay too. You may be saying in front of your laptop now: This woman thinks too practically!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been in love and over and under and even drowned by it. So let me tell you something, practicality is not living without such emotions; I have learned that it’s about living only with those necessary. Indulging yourself with some of it from time to time, but the rest, you can manage.

Yes, you might say it’s LOVE that’s overrated. There are many forms of love and its never overrated. Love is always relevant and always present in a lot of forms.

Let’s give some love for my man, Oscar Wilde for the unintentional supporting quotes I didn’t even know both of which are his. *applause*

Let me know if you too have some quotes.. Or delight me with your thoughts. I would love it. <3

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