Things Beginners Can Do To Write

Things You Can Do If You Feel Pressured To Write

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I’m very happy to announce that I have achieved my little goal (100 Followers, baby!) which, I believe, is just a start towards achieving more.

Unlike professionals, beginner bloggers have higher tendencies to feel more pressured to write content and post outputs. We worry that people might lose interest in our blog. And other times, we care too much about what they think about what we write.

Things You Can Do To Write

I know this because most times I feel the same way too. In line with this, I thought of something to share with my fellow beginner bloggers, who do their best to write blogs and contribute to the blogging community. And so, I would like to impart some helpful techniques that I do every time I feel like I’m compelled to write. I hope you find this helpful.

Reflect and mindset

The most important thing is the mindset. If we know we’re feeling pressured again, let us practice active procrastination. In that way, even if we don’t continuously write blogs every day, we can take those times to do other things.

This may eventually inspire us to write our next blog. And remember, writing here doesn’t require a deadline unless you want it to be that way.

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It’s good to set goals but what’s more important is your drive and motivation to achieve those goals. Otherwise, it’s going to be like high school all over again: cramming without content.

Not all blogs are made for businesses or others that require progressive outputs. At your own pace, my friend. Sometimes we can’t help it but let’s try to practice it anyway.

Communicate with others

If you haven’t figured out yet the next thing you want to write about, take time to explore the community. Interact with other bloggers, participate in blog parties to get to know other bloggers who might inspire you too.

Read and comment on other people’s posts. It’s a good way to kill time while actively preparing your mind to set your next blog goal.

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Learn from others

Believe me, you can learn a lot by reading other people’s posts. Read blogs and comprehend their content, challenge your mind to have a different point of view. More importantly, constantly share your thoughts with them. In this way, other bloggers learn from you too.

Rest and Restart

Sometimes thinking about what to write and regularly being on WordPress and in front of our laptop can be both physically, and mentally exhausting. Take a writing break, maybe one or two days, and come back with a fresh mind and a lot to share about.

It works and provides you time to think about other potential blog issues you can write about without being too involved in the community.

Take time to discover new things

You have tons of things you can write about while having a break from blogging. It can be from something you’ve watched, something you thought about sharing, and maybe the food you like, which inspires you to write. Do not limit yourself to other things that surround you, and don’t let your talent be overpowered by your thoughts.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this! I want to thank everyone who continues to support my blog. Please do know that I always thrive to learn from you, and I am humbly thankful for the things you constantly impart here, as an ever-growing community.


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