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Things You Can Learn From Practicing Mindfulness

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Hi! Welcome to Mindful Mondays 🙂

I have decided to share blogs about Mindfulness with you on Mondays. Mondays are very important days because they can determine how you start and end your week. So, make sure to jump-start your week right by reading through this post.

Mindfulness can be incorporated in a lot of ways in your life. It can help you in dealing with people, managing your emotions, and a lot more. But what’s also important are the things you will learn from it.

The things you learn from practicing mindfulness serve as tools you can use to apply to your everyday life. If you still haven’t tried this practice, I’m glad you’re reading this now.

Here are things that you can learn from being mindful. Most of these teachings basically came from the key aspects of mindfulness. You can read more about it on the internet. I hope that by the end of this post you’ll understand how this can help you live your life

Paying Attention

If you’re the type of person who easily gets lost during a conversation, I hear you. It’s very hard to control your mind from wandering because all it does is think. Luckily, as we always say, mindfulness develops awareness. It helps us pay attention at the moment.

For example, you may find yourself thinking about what you’ll do after dinner while you wash the plates. But being mindful teaches you to pay attention to details, examine your work, simply being present and aware of what you’re doing.

Give No Judgements

One of the things I have learned and used as an advantage is giving no judgments. Being mindful means making aware of your judgments too and removing them because you know that they’re unhelpful for you. Your judgments are what fuels your emotion, but being mindful teaches you to get a clearer view of what’s happening and respond to it more wisely.

Notice The Good Side

You learn from being mindful when you start to notice the good traits in everything no matter how bad the situation is. This may be quite hard to see but being mindful means being aware of the situation and analyzing both the good and bad stuff that’s happening to you.

By doing so, mindfulness tends to make you notice those good things too and not only on the negative things because you know that everything comes and goes–even your emotions.


You learn to become patient with everything around you. With your emotions, with yourself, and with the people around you too. How often are you irritated when you can’t seem to do something quick and right?

When you are impatient, it means that you anticipate getting your work done faster, like for example, you can’t figure out the paperwork you need to finish by the end of the day.

If you want to focus on what you’re doing, you need to understand that the more you think of that deadline at the end of the day, the more you lose focus on your paperwork. It only adds pressure on you. And that doesn’t help you overcome what you need to do.

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Gill Hasson, in her book Mindfulness, says that it is “now” that you learn to accept. A good example is accepting whether you feel emotional pain, anger, or joy. Being mindful tells you that clinging into your past isn’t going to help you at the moment. Acceptance is knowing that all of these feelings are just feelings that come and go naturally. This moment is when you need to live. Appreciating what happens to you now and letting go of those you felt in the past will help you move forward.

So how does this all help, you might ask? You can still function well washing the dishes even if your mind isn’t at the present. Or you can still do your paperwork while you cram. Or maybe you think that you can forget being angry eventually.

Well, the question should be: What happens when you don’t pay attention at all? When you always cram the things you need to do? What happens when you just wait ’til you’re not angry anymore?

These things that you learn from practicing mindfulness are very useful once you figure out how to maintain them in your life. You may opt to live in your old ways, but when you live mindfully, you can train your mind to start fresh and let go of those unhelpful habits. Your mind is a very powerful tool that greatly affects how you live, and mindfulness teaches you to use it more effectively.

I hope you find this blog useful for today. 🙂

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  • PoojaG

    Really great post! I think practicing mindfulness is so beneficial. It has really helped me a lot in controlling negative thoughts and emotions and dealing with them in a healthy way. I also really agree with what you said about how it teaches you to stop judging- it teaches you to focus on yourself instead of wasting time and energy focusing on negative things about others.

  • Nath

    These are so true! As someone who is always anxious, overthinks a lot, and says and does things without thinking (and regrets it later 😅), mindfulness helped me big time! I’ve only started practicing it a few months ago, and I’m beginning to experience the effects. It’s helping me deal with my negative thoughts and emotions and not let it control me. Also, I super agree that it helps us realize that there’s a good side to every bad situation. When you’re aware of what’s happening, it’s easier to get clarity.

    • Elle

      Yes, I totally agree too! Being mindful lets you find those good sides, and I think it can go a long way when you start doing practicing that mindset. Thank you for sharing, Nath! Hope you’re okay too! 🙂 <3

    • Elle

      Yes I agree, being mindful can really help during these times. It can help us overcome problems, stay sane, and guard ourselves from the negativity coming our way. 😊 thanks so much for sharing, Hari!

    • Elle

      Thanks! Me too, and I plan to continue it because it really helps me a lot too, as an overthinker lol. Glad you liked this post! Thanks for sharing! ☺️❤

  • katelunsfordc70e7a61bf

    These are amazing! I have been trying to be a lot more mindful throughout my day and this was very helpful!

    • Elle

      Thank you, I appreciate it so much! ☺️ glad you liked my post, I hope you stick around for more about mindfulness. Keep it a practice, because we become great by doing great. Sending my warm hugs, I hope you are having a great day. 😊❤

  • Kristin

    Great post. Mindfulness is so important and I find it really is a muscle that gets stronger as we use it more.

    • Elle

      Yes! The more we use and practice is it, the more it becomes natural in our daily lives too. And sooner or later we become mindful of actions and the way we act and apply it to other people and to our environment too. ☺️ thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoyed it. ❤

    • Elle

      Hey, CrazyFitnessGuy! 🙂 Yes, you should I totally recommend. 😀 Approaching everything in your life mindfully can be really powerful. It’s like having a totally different perspective of things, most things you can turn to appreciate or use an advantage. Hope this helps. 🙂 Cheers!

  • Kristen

    I practice mindfulness everyday and it makes a difference in how I seize the day. This is a great recommendation for anyone looking to begin this practice. Thanks for the post Elle!

    • Elle

      I’m glad you liked this and that you relate, exactly I agree mindfulness gives us a whole different perspective 😊💕 It’s my pleasure!

  • nianni

    Very insightful post. I think the tips are helpful especially that of paying attention because that’s the first step and also being patient and accepting to see the good side of things.

    • Elle

      Thanks for you thoughts, nianni! I specifically love how mindfulness taught me to easily see the good side of things. I think I can use it as an advantage to be more understanding, and positive in life. ☺️💕

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