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Unpopular Opinion #5

Unpopular Opinion: I have never been happier on social media sites other than on wordpress.

Talk about real socializing on a social media, huh? I’m making friends! I’m reading a lot! I mean who reads a lot nowadays, right? Teenagers are probably too lazy to read and just like seeing short posts with entertaining pictures. But here every post viewed is an effort. I’m learning from them too. And I love the feeling. I don’t regret having a break on instagram and twitter. 🤭


  • PoojaG

    Omg yes this is so true!! With other social media apps it’s just follows/likes but on WordPress you get to actually socialise and talk to people about stuff and voice your opinion. I’m so glad I started blogging because I have been able to connect with so many interesting and amazing people- yourself included- unlike social media where people unfollow you when you don’t post for two days.

    • Elle

      Oh my, thank u so much pooja, you’re amazing too. 😭❤ Yes I love connecting with different people all around the world, for me its the best part about being here.

    • PoojaG

      You’re welcome and thank you as well ☺💖
      Socialising is definitely the most fun part of blogging for sure.

  • Nath

    This is so true! haha I also find that the posts I read here on WordPress are more meaningful. I feel like it has become toxic in the social media that’s why I also temporarily deactivated my account 😅

    • Elle

      I did this one too haha especially twitter right? haha btw, check out my latest post because I nominated you! Congrats, Nath! <3

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