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Unpopular Opinion #8

Unpopular Opinion: I think this needs to be said. TikTok is OKAY.

I mean, what could be worse, right? You see kids doing tiktoks together instead of fighting each other. You see families on tiktok and it helps them bond with each other. I actually don’t know why people call it lame. Why sometimes safe and entertaining stuff is perceived as lame or boring. I installed tiktok and when I have a bad mood all I do is watch them do their thing and it’s. not. that. bad.

I MEAN HERE’S A TIP: you have never seen cute guys make cute faces ’til you see it on tiktok and when you see it, you automatically have a good day. 😜


  • PoojaG

    I’m not sure why TikTok gets so much hate- from what I know it’s the trolls but admittedly I know almost nothing about TikTok. I agree it’s okay. It’s not like the greatest app ever but it’s not awful.

    • Elle

      Yes, actually i also think it’s those people. Hahaha ohhh yes just like looking at it and watching once in a while right? I enjoy doing that. 😂😊

    • PoojaG

      Lol yeah I watch them once in a while when I’m bored or want noise in the background while I’m doing something 😂

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