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What Did We Learn From The Movie: The Lovebirds 2020

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*mild spoilers ahead*

Netflix has once again made us laugh and got us that romantic excitement going following the release of a romantic comedy to the viewers entitled, “The Lovebirds” directed by Michael Showalter.

The movie–although exists as the typical romantic comedy with a quite predictable plot–received a variety of good and substandard reviews from its critics.

As one of the highlights, Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani’s chemistry served as a major factor that made this movie more than what a typical RomCom would portray. I must say that it’s what kept me watching throughout the end.

Some online reviews show that the film would have probably failed to interest its viewers if it were to continue in theaters. Also supporting others’ that it was more appropriately watched at home. It was also reviewed by R. Levin from Newsday as “..unlikely to be remembered..” I personally think that it does have its shot at being a remarkable film to its audience, considering that the movie’s lead stars differ from other usual all-white protagonists in the romantic comedy movie field.

I also agree with what most critics say that Issa and Kumail’s relationship in filming this movie established a very unique charm that made me laugh from the very start. In addition, in-between minor plot twists served as additional points which gave the movie a satisfying watch all in all.

Criticisms aside, I want to focus more on the “what can we learn” part and I want to share it with you, guys. Here are some relationship lessons we can come across when we watch this film:

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There will always be differences and that’s not gonna change

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The film’s story started out 4 years after their first meeting. The couple Jirban and Leilani are having a tough conversation on whether to sign up for The Amazing Race reality show. Leilani really feels like there’s a possibility of winning, but Jirban argued otherwise. Jirban says they were bad at decision-making because they never get to agree with even minor resolutions.

This made me think that there will always be those arguable moments. Possibly more often than we can imagine having with our partners. Honestly, sometimes we wish to be with someone alike.

Someone who gets our pet peeves, who listens to the same band as us, who loves blueberry cheesecakes as much as we do, and many more. We think that we can easily love a person based on our similarities.

But love is not a matter of consistently being on the same side of everything. Sometimes Lily and Marshall’s Olive Theory would work and come out as differences that would make us a better fit for our partners.

It is a matter of how well we use each other’s differences together. Because whether we like it or not, we are gonna have contrasting views. We just have to meet halfway with them.

The way we act towards our problems are our only way out of it

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As unavoidable as arguments, facing problems with our partners are also imminent. Luckily for the lovebirds, Jirban and Leilani always has their own unique and fun way to face circumstances.

Our attitude is a huge aspect in addressing problems with our partners. It is important that we stay positive and hopeful all throughout. We must also give importance to teamwork.

Supporting and letting each other know that we got them no matter what is most times quite enough to jump-start our path and re-do our mistakes. Having a partner is maintaining a support system for each other.

Partners do not need to have a defining moment in their lives to realize they are right for each other

These two didn’t need to go into the whole detective role play to prove they were innocent, just as much as people not having the need to wish for a certain sign to convince them that they are in love.

The Lovebirds 2020

Differently, for them, the lovebirds might have needed that defining moment to prove that they are still in love. But for some, it’s just pure gut feeling and a handful of trust that the two of you are going to work things out.

When it comes to being in love, outside factors are not really the things you want to rely on. You might want to trust the one you are with. Your connection with each other. Your personal relationship is what you should focus on when you are in doubt.

The only way to know if someone really loves you is if they will be there no matter what.

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I thought the two would separate ways at any moment during the film but they handled it together pretty well. Imagine having someone stick by your side even on the craziest and most boring moments you can ever encounter in your life. Looking up to them as someone who still makes us smile.

I still recommend you guys to watch The Lovebirds on Netflix, albeit some substandard reviews. It can still be worth your time. Let me know how it goes! <3

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  • PoojaG

    I had actually been looking for a movie to watch and I think this is exactly what I’m looking for!

    Also this was a really great post! I really liked what you said about the way we act towards a problem. Like you said fighting is a normal part of a relationship but how you argue and how you deal with your problems says a lot about your relationship. I think it’s important to remember that even if you are arguing that you are still on the same team at the end of the day. It’s important to think of the bigger picture- your relationship- instead of small things like winning an argument.

    • Elle

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, pooja! Yes, because being in a relationship means you are in a team now and sometimes we forget about it when we have problems. YES PLEASEEE I’m excited because this is a really cute movie 😂❤❤ let me know how it goes. Thanks!

    • Elle

      Hahahaha yess!! And Issa is soooo pretty especially with her hair. And the chemistry is so charming, right? Haha <3 My favorite part was the scene when the strangers were about to call 911 and Jirban said, "Leilani, run!" Hahahah I thought that was so funny.

    • PoojaG

      Omg that part was hilarious!! Yes she is gorgeous- I love the dress she wears at her friends house she looks stunning in it.

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