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Why Having a Blogging Routine Is Important: My Blogging Routine

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What’s up people of the earth!

In this post, I will share with you my blogging routine, how it has helped me, and why having a routine goes a long way. Do you agree? I hope so.

Do you find it consistently hard to publish a post or keep up with others? If so, maybe reading through this post can help you with your blogging problem. Maybe after this, you will realize you won’t have to waste so much time thinking about what to write while you juggle with everyday tasks.

Blogging Routine

At first,

I didn’t follow a well-established routine. I kind of just wanted to let things flow out whenever I feel like writing which I didn’t have a problem with during my first month because I was so excited to write. And also, because I wanted to stay active and maintain my account. That responsibility, I was afraid to lose.

But then, I decided to make a blogging schedule on which days I can ideally post my blogs. My Mondays are called Mindful Mondays. Wednesdays are all about life. On Fridays, either blogging or film. On Saturday or Sunday, I post awards and other things I like to write about.

P.S. If you noticed my posts, I kind of accidentally interchanged Wednesdays and Fridays (my bad) but I stuck to it, nonetheless. Here’s a picture of my July blogging calendar so that you’ll have clearer view of how I do my everyday routine all in all.

So you see,

I made a schedule based on which posts I would likely have to spend more time writing. This is only good for this month since school will eventually come next months. You can see my everyday routine on the right side of the picture. I only blog at 12 noon to 4:00 pm and then, I edit stuff at 6:00 pm onwards, and hope that I don’t stay up late. Lol.

I only post on M-W-Fs, and I had days left off for writing. For me, it works to establish an everyday schedule. On weekends, I do regular clean-ups, and website maintenance (being self-hosted is a bit high maintenance). I also edit my previous posts, maybe troubleshoot, and reflect on the week.

Every day, I regularly check my other accounts–like Emails, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook page. I make it a habit to at least follow new people on Pinterest and Twitter, and participate in Facebook groups for bloggers.

You may want to check out Blogging for New Bloggers! They have activities every day that can help you grow your blog. It’s like a community of bloggers who help each other. The creators also conduct blogging courses, legal courses, and other courses for free!

Lastly, I keep a list of post ideas. It’s very helpful when you note down what you want to write about just in case you ever lose track. It prevents having a writer’s block.

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What Im trying to say is…

Having a blogging routine builds path

A path to a stable work ethic, where I can write and take a rest from writing. It’s important because I now have an idea of what I want to blog about. I’m not gonna be spending too much time thinking about what to write next because I have a list of possible ideas to post.

It makes a productive blogger

Having a blogging routine helps you maintain that productivity. It lets you have something to do next. If you’re ever stuck at the question, hmm, what do I write next? This may be a good idea to keep those words flowing. A blogging routine serves as a nudge that pushes you to start writing.

Although you may not comply with it at all times, and that’s okay, at least when you decide to go back into writing, there’s a couple of things you can do.

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Helps you balance personal life and blogging

You may think that having a routine would make you an all-time blogger, and maybe you don’t want that. It’s the total opposite! When you have your routine, you can easily make a schedule with your free time in it, like if you ever want to watch Netflix instead or bake some goodies.

You can do it without worrying about your blog. In that way, you won’t think that blogging takes up all your time. This can help you build a healthy balance in your life.

Lets your readers know what to expect from you

You can’t leave your readers hanging! They will miss you and your writing. Having a schedule will surely make them anticipate more of your posts. It’s good because it develops loyal followers and friends too. When you regularly post your blogs, and it appears on their reader, they will remember you.

free blogging calendar

Lessens the pressure to write

If you look at it in a different way, having a blogging routine may make you feel pressured to produce content. Yes, this may be true, but this is the reason why YOU get to create it. You hold your time and you figure out what to do with it. You can even adjust it depending on how free you are or if you’re in a tight schedule.

If you ever feel like you’re pressuring yourself to write with your schedule, you can always change your routine plan. A more convenient schedule, like maybe posting once or twice a week, would be nice.

Always remember that you can be responsible and well-rested at the same time. Don’t let your thoughts get ahead of you. Pressuring yourself can only give you bad energy. So instead, make a way.

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Creates a healthy habit

You don’t want to be all convoluted with your thoughts and plans for the whole week. So why not create a picture of how you should organize your tasks? Organizing things develops a healthy practice in your life. With this, you can get a clearer view of the things you plan to do with your blogging and non-blogging activities for the week.

A well-defined blogging routine is always useful for your writing talent. Don’t let it all go to waste just because you settle to have everything done at the eleventh hour.

It’s okay if you’re having a hard time religiously following your schedule (I’m bad at it too!), as long as you still manage to do so. If you are dedicated to write and manage your blog, you should help yourself achieve that productiveness and maintain that passion.

There you have it! I hope you find this post useful. Do you have your own blogging routine? Or do you find it hard to establish one? Have you ever tried starting but didn’t follow through? What did you think was the reason? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

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  • Silver Stone

    Hey, it looks like we both share the same blogging schedule! πŸ˜ƒ(minus the weekends, because those are the times where I take a break/get inspired)

    That’s true, having a schedule makes you more organised and stress free.

  • Ritish sharma

    I usually write something when I get some unique ideas.
    And the fact is I gets 100s ideas a day. 😁
    But I think most of the ideas isn’t worthy at all and just my own thinking.
    For now I only post on Sundays.
    But after reading this post. I’m thinking to post 3 post a week and to make it more consistent.
    Thankyou Elle.

    • Elle

      Awwe I’m glad you found this helpful! And yes, you can go challenge yourself to be consistent if you want it that way. 😊 Cheers!

    • Elle

      Thank you, Janis! Although I still haven’t been consistent with all of these, especially my mindfulness and Buddhism classes, but I try my best to do so. :)) I appreciate your comment, thank you so much! <3

    • Elle

      I just self-study, and using online books and google for resources πŸ™‚ hihi It’s not much but it’s also helpful.

    • Janis

      Online resources have proven to be effective especially these days… I am homeschooling brook & I really appreciate everything on google… they make my life easier…

      & as long as you follow your system, the scheduling thing will eventually work perfectly ❀️

  • Nath

    I adore your organized blogging schedule! I have a blogging calendar where I schedule what post to publish on that day, but I haven’t been that productive lately. I’ve been consistent in the first month and also had a list of ideas, but I still fell off. I’ve been wondering about why it happened, and after reading your post, I think I know now. I don’t have an organized schedule and routine. Haha πŸ˜… Oh my gosh! You don’t know how much this helped me, Elle! I was in an “Aha!” moment while reading this. πŸ’—

    • Elle

      I’m so flattered this helped you identify your points for improvement. You just made my day, Nath! I’m so happy this was helpful to you. <3 Now, you can address those points to improve your blogging routine. AND maybe after that I'll get to see you post more often because I'm always excited to read your posts haha <3 Cheers! Missed you, girl! :)

    • Nath

      Yes! πŸ˜… It will take some time but I really want to keep blogging. I missed you too Elle! 😘 Thank you so much for this advice! I feel so excited again!!! πŸ’—

  • PoojaG

    As always I loved the post! I am one of those people who procrastinates a lot and thrives with a routine so I definitely have a very specific schedule when it comes to blogging. I didn’t have a schedule till like 2 years ago and my blog was a bit of a mess to be honest because it was so random. I think you shouldn’t force yourself to be too scheduled but having a clear outline of what posts/topics you want to do each week really helps a lot.

    • Elle

      Awwe, thank you, Pooja! πŸ™‚ <3 When it comes to school, I procrastinate a lot too. Hahaha Luckily, I care about this too much, that I am determined to continue blogging. Soon, I wish to apply this to my study habits too. Haha Yes, one small step at a time, a non-complicated schedule would still really help. Thank youuuu! :)

    • PoojaG

      Haha I always procrastinate with school lol- thankfully I have blogging as a distraction from school work! I want to work on procrastinating less with school work as well. My pleasure!

  • Juliette

    I loved reading your routine! It is definitely something that I should start to implement, especially because I then feel guilty when I don’t find time to blog… Having a routine will surely help me with that! Thank you for inspiring me to start one! 😊

    • Elle

      Wow, I’m so happy you were inspired by this! It means a lot when you get to help with what you write, and so you made my day. πŸ’™ Let’s keep blogging 😁

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